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Branding: The Hero’s Journey you must take if you want your venture to have a Powerful Identity in the Digital Age

You walk the Hero's Path every day every time you dedicate time to your venture, they are firm steps that you take with certainty and...

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black friday online shopping 1 | Complete Corporate Resources

How to increase your sales with Black Friday marketing: The best ways to prepare for this 2022

Black Friday sales have been the same for years. The deals are usually limited by time, not inventory. That means stores artificially restrict supply to...

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web load time 1 | Complete Corporate Resources

The Importance Of Website Loading Speed To Increase Your Brand’s Visibility On The Internet

Your website is the single point of entry to your brand, and it's where visitors can interact with you as a company. If they find...

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5 estrategias 1 | Complete Corporate Resources

The Art Of Managing Your Business

As a business owner, you always have a full schedule of duties. This probably means you don’t have time to manage your business as well...

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marketing problems | Complete Corporate Resources

5 Reasons Your Digital Marketing Isn’t Working: Find Out What You Should Do Now

Thereโ€™s nothing more frustrating than putting time and effort into an initiative, only to see it fail. Whether youโ€™re working on your first marketing campaign...

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cover 1 | Complete Corporate Resources

10 Essentials To Take Your Company To The Next Level In 2022. Are You Ready?

If you are stagnated, it's NOW the time to work together! My name is Astrid Cruz, founder, and CEO of CCR, Complete Corporate Resources. Today,...

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cover | Complete Corporate Resources

Dare and lose the fear of entrepreneurship

When we start a project at some point in our lives, ideas, desire, and illusions flow without taking into account what or who will give...

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cover | Complete Corporate Resources

The digital world will be the turbocharged vehicle that every brand needs. Let’s go!

As technology lovers, we have understood that the digital world is that turbocharged vehicle that every personal brand or business needs to overcome barriers in...

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