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Blog - How to increase your sales with Black Friday marketing: The best ways to prepare for this 2022

Black Friday sales have been the same for years. The deals are usually limited by time, not inventory. That means stores artificially restrict supply to drive demand and get people excited. This article covers all the details you need to know about how to boost your sales for Black Friday Marketing strategy. If you’re thinking about participating in this year’s event, read on to learn more. This blog post will also help you formulate a strategy for participating in Black Friday and making the most of this opportunity as a small business owner with limited and personal resources.

What is Black Friday?

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Black Friday is the Friday after Thanksgiving and the day retailers traditionally kick off the holiday shopping season. Since the 1980s, it has become a shopping holiday in North America where many people shop online or in stores at significantly reduced prices and in larger quantities. Black Roots Fridays can be traced back to Philadelphia in the 1930s. Instead of hiring a public relations firm to promote their annual “employee appreciation” day, some retailers decided to put their own spin on it. Retailers called their event Black Friday and placed special ads in newspapers.

What to expect from your Black Friday Marketing strategy

The best way to gauge how your business will do during Black Friday is to look at your sales on other high-volume, high-spending days of the year. These days are similar to Black Friday in the sense that people buy the same kinds of things. If you have an ecommerce store, you can use tools like Google Analytics or Shopify to track traffic and sales by date. You can also make some sales yourself to get a better idea of how your business will do. If you have a physical store, you can use point-of-sale (POS) software to track the number of customers coming into your store and estimated sales on certain days of the year.

How to increase your sales on Black Friday

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With so many other retailers also trying to increase their sales for Black Friday, you’ll need to take strategic steps to stand out from the crowd.

There are three ways to improve your conversion rates and sell more on Black Friday:

  • Increase discoverability of your products before Black Friday – Before Black Friday, you can use marketing tactics to improve the discoverability of your products. Product and content marketing, SEO, influencer marketing, paid advertising and others can help you get more sales and attention.
  • Create a black friday marketing plan – Create a marketing plan that aligns with your budget and sales goals. You can use some of the suggestions above, or you can create your own ideas as long as they align with your business goals. Make sure your marketing efforts are measurable so you can see their effectiveness.
    Make sure the plan you create is focused on your ideal customer. You don’t want to spend your marketing dollars on things that don’t get results or help you reach your goals.
  • Plan your FB Ads ads and campaigns in advance
    Make sure your Black Friday ad campaigns are planned in advance. This ensures that your ads are optimized for the best ROI and that you are meeting your campaign objectives.
    • Use data from your sales and marketing efforts during other times of the year to create better Black Friday campaigns.
    • You can also use tools that automate the creation of your ads, such as AdEspresso. They can help you write better ads and make sure your campaign meets its objectives.
    • Be careful not to abuse the system and violate Facebook’s terms of service. If you do, your ads may be suspended or removed.
    • You can even use tools like Wistia to create video content that you can use to promote your Black Friday sales.
  • Make sure your e-commerce site is fully optimized – If your e-commerce store is built on WordPress, make sure you have installed and configured the necessary plugins to fully optimize your site and cover the basics of optimization.

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These factors include:

  • Make sure your SEO is optimized and that you have meta descriptions and keywords in place. This will help your products appear higher in search results.
  • Make sure your product images are of high quality and have the correct size and title.
  • Make sure your product descriptions are written attractively and concisely.
  • You should also have an internal linking strategy that connects your content and your products.
  • You can use tools like SEMrush and Yoast SEO/Rankmarh to make sure your site is fully optimized and ready for Black Friday.


You know what to expect from your sales and how to increase them. You’ve created a marketing plan and optimized your e-commerce site.

Maybe you’ve improved all aspects of your strategy and you’re all set for the big day. Now, you just need to do everything you can to make your Black Friday sales the best they can be. Ready? Best of luck with your sales!

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