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How to increase your sales with Black Friday marketing: The best ways to prepare for this 2022

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Black Friday sales have been the same for years. The deals are usually limited by time, not inventory. That means stores artificially restrict supply to drive demand and get people excited. This article covers all the details you need to know about how to boost your sales for Black Friday Marketing strategy. If you’re thinking … Read more

The Art Of Managing Your Business

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As a business owner, you always have a full schedule of duties. This probably means you don’t have time to manage your business as well as you’d like, and you may even experience a high level of stress every day. Balancing work, family, personal time, managing your support team, taxes, accounting and everything else takes … Read more

10 Essentials To Take Your Company To The Next Level In 2022. Are You Ready?

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You don’t know what effective tools to implement next year? Do you need practical advice to grow your business? You are not doing internal analysis to improve your strategies? If you are stagnated, it’s NOW the time to work together!My name is Astrid Cruz, founder, and CEO of CCR, Complete Corporate Resources. Today, I want … Read more

The digital world will be the turbocharged vehicle that every brand needs. Let’s go!

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– Raise your hand here whoever has a business or personal brand!– Now, are they already present in the digital world?– Uhmmm not all, right?Well, this must change NOW! Although the digital world came into our lives several years ago, day by day it makes more sense to understand its advantages and be part of … Read more